Privacy Policy owns the website This site clearly states that this Organization clearly keep the customer confidentiality throughout the company contact, troubleshooting and payment.

• This site preserves all the information of the users visit our website and keep ease for the readers through the time you employ our website. Facts such as Name, Handle, Mail identity, Gender, and time of birth could be needed in order to build an account with this service.

While a few of the data might also get saved quickly such as for example Internet Process, Access time, language and State you’re checking from.

• Every one collected data preserved with good attention and never utilize them for any selfish motives. We may require you to build an account with us in order to get guidance, and the information you submit all through the process are held safe with us.

• During the payment you may have to enter in details such as for example your credit card data or debit card data or some other change cost style information. The information’s are preserved with us.

And such are preserved till we need them and later are absolutely deleted from our database. Any type interference from criminals causing cost problems or leading cost to improper location, we don’t get obligation for such issues. You pay for the company at your own risk.

• Throughout troubleshooting data series such as for example your system model, printer model, firewall data, process or printer age, internet connection, function process found in your product, and so forth will not be disclosed to any third party for any advertising, promotional or some other intentions and is likely to be maintained between the customer and who owns

• Removal of personal details: Information on the customers can be absolutely removed under request of customers just in case any individual likes not to use the company any further.