123.hp.com/ojpro6968 wifi protected setup

Wi-Fi Protected setup (WPS) can be enabled by two ways over a wireless connection. The two modes are:

  1. Push Button and
  2. PIN mode

Requirement to setup:

  • Make sure that your wireless router and your HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer supports WPS Push Button mode.
  • Check whether your wireless router has a WPS Push Button available or not.
  • Your wireless network should use a WPA or WPA2 security.

How to connect using Push Button method?

  • Click on the WPS Push Button mode on your printer. (Users can check the printer manual to know where the function is. The Push Button may vary from model to model)
  • Now, press the WPS button on your wireless router. (Note: Once you enable the Push Button mode on your printer, you will have to perform this step within two minutes.)
  • Click on the Setup option and choose the Network option from the printer’s Control Panel.
  • If you find your wireless network’s name, tap on it; otherwise add your network’s name manually.
  • Enter the password when prompted and click Ok.

123.hp.com/ojpro6968 Wifi Protected Setup